So it’s just over 3 weeks since I began my #AllIn challenge and in total honesty and transparency, the journey has been slow. Let me start with the positives (only one that comes to mind) then address the negatives that I need to fix in a drastic manner.

The Good

In the time that I started, I have been doing OK with the diet and food intake (not the excercise). As such, my overall body fat percentage has dropped from 28.9% to an amazing 25.7% which is incredible without any doubt.

I feel this could have been a more given that I have had quite a few days whereby I have ate, well, like a pig and slipped back into my old ways.

That said, I must appreciate that these days will occur and overtime, my ‘slips’ will decrease more and more. So for that, I need to give myself a little more credit for sure as things like this simply do not change overnight.

I guess I’m used to beating myself up about these things and it’s not healthy in the slightest. It must simply become a case of realise when it’s happening and take action while praising myself when I’m doing good on my actions.

The Bad

So I had every intention of starting my exercise routines from the third week and this hasn’t even begun to happen. The thought of breaking the cycle is – and it’s crazy to even write this down knowing how silly it is – a little scary. I know how unfit I am and the thought of ‘showing up’ to train is a little daunting.

In my peak fitness, I ran, swam, trained in the gym, boxing, kick boxing, cycled and this happened every week religiously. Then I got into drinking and living a rather hedonistic lifestyle and since then, over the last 15 years, I have not done a single bit of prolonged exercise. My current fitness level is embarrassing to me. It’s this what shames me into simply putting on some gear and doing the work to get my fitness levels up again.

However, I know where to begin and that is with a morning routine. So, I know it is small but I need to start somewhere and that’s where I will utilise the time I first open my eyes.

The New Morning Routine

  • Get Up
  • Hydrate
  • Do an app routine REGARDLESS of how tired I am (chest/presses/pull-ups)
  • Affirmation Routine
  • Mark one thing that must be achieved from the day ahead (non-negotiable)
  • Journal

For the time being, I think it’s important to build up this habit and work from there. The truth is that this new job is making me incredibly exhausted and it will only be building up my fitness that will help both short and long term while I train to become a full-time life coach.

Which brings me onto my next point:

Training and putting in the work on my coaching business!

I have practically done nothing for my training over the last few weeks which makes me feel like shit. I know that in order to be a successful coach, I must show others that it is possible to pick yourself up and I am determined to do so.

In order to do that, I must ensure first that this routine is upheld REGARDLESS of how tired I am in the morning as it will set me up for the rest of the day while allowing me to build onto those good habits and compound the effects.

Once that I have mastered this morning routine, I think the next step will be to address my routine before sleep. However, let’s concentrate on the morning routine initially as I’ve found that by trying to change too much too quickly, I end up abandoning everything completely and progress halts to a complete stop.

Further Thoughts

Given that my car is off the road, I have decided to invest in a proper road bike. This will allow me to cover anywhere between 20-60 miles per week which will dramatically increase my fitness. I was close to buying another car and although it would benefit in many ways, the most important thing to build on first is my mental and physical state. Both of these will benefit beyond belief by getting a bike rather than a car.

I know I’ll need one in the near future. However, it’s important to understand the benefits of prolonging a new car and instead committing to the opportunity of increased fitness through necessity.