Hello and welcome. This is the part where I enter a load of whimsical nonsense when in reality, this part of the blog has been created for myself primarily.

I wanted to create a journaling section but felt that I needed to keep it separate from the main site due to it being a completely different contect from the articles I publish. This section is for me to track where I’m at, what I’m feeling, ideas on progression and where my head is at, covering areas for improvement and so forth.

So in that sense, it is very much for me and as such, should be completely separated from Better Man, Better Father.

If you do get anything from this that fantastic. I know that some people like to read peoples progress and if you stumble across this section then that’s amazing in itself and I wish you enormous gratitude. If you have any questions, drop me an email at info@bettermanbetterfather.

I plan to get into the routine of journaling on this on a bi-daily basis at least with the aim of doing it every evening once the routine is established in order to get my thoughts on the day down so that I can analyse my progress going forward.

Journaling has amazing benefits and I have done them in writing in the past. However the whole purpose of putting together Better Man, Better Father was to provide accountability to myself while showing others that it’s possible to dig yourself out of the most monumental proverbial holes as I have. If I can do it, any fucker can.

Other than that, hello and welcome and thank you if you stumbled here with interest.

Better Man, Better Father x