Fuck me, just writing that title makes me wonder where this year has gone. Truth is I feel pretty embarrassed when I look back at the year back… so many opportunities…


Still, crying over spilt milk doesn’t achieve anything and this is all about planning and executing with discipline

Moving forward!

I’ve got some great ideas on how the book will be laid out over the last few days which is exciting. It’s been hard finding any motivation here and have been missing my daughter a lot (20 days away is a lot for her Daddy to be gone).

It hasn’t been easy either with the ex going on another mission to try and engage me in confrontation but given the circumstances.

Despite it being tiresome and soul-destroying at times. I have no control over how my ex chooses to do. What I can control is how I react and deal with the situation at hand and given how it went I’m pretty happy with my own actions.

I need to look at planning over the next few months. When I get back I really don’t know what I have coming in, in terms of money so I need to line up some work ASAP. I’m not eating into my savings.

It’s going to be a hectic few months and realistically, the next year is going to be full-on. Because of this, I’ve been thinking of going cold-turkey on beer, TV, social media (apart from set-times in my groups to engage with clients), internet (apart from research) and carbohydrates (no doubt my cravings will go through the roof initially if cutting everything out).

This will (hopefully) make me put good use to all the hours available in the day.

The only thing I am toying with is maybe one-day per month to drink – although not a big problem, it would be nice to spend an evening with friends letting my hair (or lack of) down. That said, this is about going in big over the next 12 months so maybe just avoid it altogether for 12 months.

Considering this is my only major concern (I use that word lightly), I guess my personal expectations of my success is quite high which is a good thing to realise.

Lastly, I’m glad I’ve set this section up. The aim is for it to get me writing on a daily basis and build up my confidence with it some more, ensuring I’m at ease while writing form the main blog and on the book.