So yesterday I decided to layout my journaling so that it covers the following topics, split between daytime and evening reflection:

  • Health
  • Mindset / Emotional State
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Impact
  • Focus / Discipline / Clarity

I’ve also decided that it should include the following also:

  • Habits
  • Studied / Wrote About
  • Lesson To My Daughter

I’ll begin the morning journaling from next week once I get these jobs out of the city complete as my rest cycle is completely out of sync as it currently stands. However, once I commence, it will adhere to every day regardless of how I feel


I am taking a week off to rest as next week I will be undertaking a super transformation in my fitness and health to work daily to get the following results:

Body Fat < 15%

Muscle Mass > 85%

BMI <21

Visceral index 7 or less

Mindset / Emotional State

Been in a pretty good emotional state today. Keeping busy is certainly key while working towards something and winning the process helps develop a healthy outlook


Been pretty secluded today and during these times, you should be taking the time to make contact with loved ones over the phone. A point to recognize for tomorrow for sure.


A new month tomorrow and have outlined what essentials I need to buy. Once they are purchased, apart from a night out next week, it’s frugal time.


Been working on my projects however the pace is certainly not up to its peak performance and once next week commences, it should be working towards full throttle. Remember, you’ve got some great and achievable targets to hit over the next 10 months.


Coaching calls today and hearing their responses is truly satisfying. Hearing people’s ideas come to make sense to them and how to approach life is truly remarkable, to say the absolute least.

I love it.

Focus / Discipline / Clarity

Clarity is very hight atm which is brilliant. Discipline is minimal as I’m taking a week out, however, the focus is certainly there for sure.


I have got back into the routine of recording my habits on my phone. Doing this entry has just reminded me to update it.

Studied / Wrote About

Been studying but wasn’t writing.

Lesson To My Daughter

Her first evening trick or treating and she absolutely loved it. However, the evening ended with a harsh lesson of if you continue to act in a discomforting way to society then you will not be able to play the game of life effectively.

Only those that play the game with others in mind are the ones that truly find success.

Taught in a slightly basic way (or I hope) due to her being only 5 years old.