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Day 1

In some ways, a great start. In others, it was a shambles. The importance here is to appreciate that expecting everything to be instant overnight is insane and to expect otherwise would be silly. I’m just frustrated in that I knew I could have done a lot more… but didn’t. I didn’t even do the writeup on the day (hence me combining yesterday and today together. All in all, a lot more improvement to be made and without a doubt a lot more fucking commitment.

Day 2

Morning Thoughts

Woke up and took an in-depth personality trait and it’s fair to say that where I’m at in this point in my life is obvious given the results that were produced. It gave me some hard-truths to come to terms with which are good to come to realise so that I can look to improve on areas that are causing me problems or conflict.

The truth be told that I have been up a few hours and am still in bed. Admittedly it hasn’t been entirely unproductive but I’m getting really frustrated at how I waste so much time.

I appreciate this whole challenge needs a proper writeup for myself first and foremost as I need to know exactly what I’m working on. It might also be helpful to anyone that reads these posts. So might be a good idea to do that now, then head to the gym then do some work.