Morning Entry

Woke up initially with my mind all over the place – primarily going over the emails my ex sent me last night. I initially get entwined in all my thoughts however managed to turn it around and began focussing on positive motions and ventured into the course of gratitude.

When you commit to it, it can be relatively easy…

If you let it!

It is safe to say that we can become prisoners of our own thoughts at times when the truth is, we are inevitably in control should we choose to be. It’s down to us in what we decide to devote time to in our minds and it’s important to not start your day running through hell when there are other options. The mornings are all about you and getting yourself into a place mentally where you can tackle the day ahead effectively.

It was hard yes, but not impossible and that’s the point!

We look for the easy in life when we should be preparing to tackle the hard full-on. Not doing so simply only creates an even bigger problem as we feel bad from running away from the situation and then face the consequences in our head.

Own the situation and CHOOSE the right path to tackle the problem head-on! That way, we compound our approach of moving towards something we want, achieving something daily and consistently shaping ourselves into something we are proud of.

I used to think to myself: Today will be a good day

Truth is, I don’t know what today will bring. What I do know is that I’m ready to do what is needed to move forward and am ready to take on any shit that might happen along the way.

The project is ongoing as I morph into the person I am ready to become.

Stay focused and keep moving forward.