Morning Entry

Feeling pretty good this morning. I’m a little tired but it’s going to take a week or so to working nights and considering I’ve only just started, I feel OK (apart from I can tell my body is adjusting to the new sleep cycle).

I didn’t journal last night so I need to make sure I do it when I get in this evening but things are going slow but OK. The diet, fasting, journaling & hydration has been the main focus while I adjust this first week and it’s gone remarkably well. I’ve also been watching what I spend which is great too.

From an emotional/conscious perspective I feel good too. I realise that the next few months are going to take some major adjustments and I’m OK with that. I’m really looking forward to it judging on how I feel writing this.

The main factor will be to keep journalling morning and evening regardless as it will allow me to focus on my intentions on a daily basis. The journalling allows me to have a focus each day while also providing a platform to note down how I’m feeling each morning so that I can address my mood from the onset which is really helpful for me.

Body Composition Stats
Have added my daily and weekly habits to my phone so that I can track them and see where I’m slipping and where I’m winning