Nearly didn’t do this entry. Missed yesterdays and thought to myself ‘what am I going to write about?’

However, this section isn’t about writing about specific topics. It’s a place to share my thoughts daily on where I’m at mentally (and physically for that matter), my emotional states, how the day has progressed alongside any thoughts that crop up along the way. It’s a personal area to get clear my head every evening and possibly to get my thoughts down in the morning.

So with that, I need to keep up the routine as it will help me tenfold. Which is why I’m happy that I talked myself into doing this entry. I thought about how much more likely I would do the entry tomorrow if I did it today also, which give me enough motivation to start writing.

It’s a good idea to get down how I’m feeling. I get lost inside my head quite a lot of the time. Writing helps me channel those thoughts rather than getting overloaded – which I certainly do quite a lot.

I’m really looking forward to going home tomorrow. Been away for 20 days now in the same complex and although it’s been OK, I’m ready to pack up and head back to my daughter and my own space. I just need to make sure I get planning my time accordingly for when I return.

Speaking of returning, I need to plan this 12-month-detox. This is going all-in on my work while abstaining from alcohol, carbohydrates, junk food, TV and general web searching (boredom searching) aand social media. I thought I would be daunted by the idea but I’m very excited about it. I guess it’s been a long-overdue, needed commitment.